With over 20 years of experience working in the IT Industry, I am looking to share some of my thoughts and ramblings… Not just IT related.

Starting at around the age of 6 with a Sinclar 48k rubber key edition, I became obsessed with computers and problem solving.  

I started my career in IT after leaving College in 2000, I have been fortunate to have opportunities to stretch, learn and grow since then making many friends around the globe.

I live with my wife, daughter and son in a seaside town called Cleethorpes on the north east coast of England. The local claim to fame is the neighbouring town Grimsby, which used to be the biggest fishing port in Europe and is still called Europe’s food town.

On the rare occasion that I don’t have a phone/tablet or computer in front of me, I like to spend time with family and relax away from technology.

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