2015 – 2017 The missing years…

Back in my 2014 year end blog my wife was pregnant and I was looking for a new car. A lot has changed in the last 3 years. Sophie was born in January 2015 and changed our lives for the better. Sure, there are times when I would happily send her to her Grandparents for a month, but then when I travel for business for just one night, I miss her immensely. Daddy-Daughter bond in full swing with me wrapped around her little finger. 

Sophie helped with the car hunting and gave her approval to only the fastest of cars. Prior to making a choice I took a trip to the opticians to see if there was any sign of me developing an eye disease my mum had. I found out that I had about 6 months driving left at the rate I had deteriorated and needed to see a specialist. With that swift kick up the bum, the following day I went out and purchased a 2012 Mercedes E63 with Bi Turbo V8 delivering 550BHP with the prior owners add on packs. Knowing I only had a little time to enjoy driving, making a swift decision allowed me to have an immense amount of fun. Although buying a car of that calibre for a short period lost a lot of money, but it was worth it. 

Later in 2015 I went to a specialist in Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and after a few trips was confirmed to have Macular Degeneration, inherited from my Mum and her Dad’s side of the family. Unfortunately they can’t tell which variant I have and there are no treatments for it. 

2016 was a year of adapting as I made the difficult choice to stop driving and started to use assistance for flights to the US and China. It’s fair to say that I haven’t stopped adapting and don’t think I ever will as my eyesight changes. Among all the changing in 2016 we decided to have a second child. 

Like any year, 2017 has provided a full range of ups and downs  Early in the year I moved to the position of Solutions Architect LIMS, a role I thoroughly enjoy. Sadly by May, my mum, who had been ill with heart failure for five years, passed away  I was close to my mum and loosing her when I am just 35 seems unfair. But my mum was a great women who taught me a lot, inspired me with technology and gave me the life skills I needed to become who I am today. May was a bitter sweet month as James was born into the world and provided the perfect distraction and focus for us while allowing us to grieve.

2017 has also seen me bite the bullet and get a white stick, use more assistive technology and continue to adapt as my eyesight deteriorates. It’s challenging, but has also taught me so much already about the great technology and communities out there that achieve great things with low vision. I intend to do the same….  

As the end of the year approaches quickly, I think back to all that has happened and feel grateful to be sat at home with my two children in bed and my wife at my side.  

Wishing all a prosperous 2018!

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By Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon has worked in IT for over 20 years, specifically within the Testing Inspection and Certification industry. Tim has Cone Dystrophy, a progressive sight loss condition that impacts his central vision, colour perception and makes him sensitive to light. He likes to share his experience of life and how he navigates the abyss of uncertainty.

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