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How to keep GSuite Legacy for Free

Google announced the closure of GSuite legacy in January 2022. GSuite (formaly Google Apps) is a service that many signed up to for providing email for domain names. Google have not provided clear options to keep GSuite legacy accounts, apart from migrating to Google Workspace and paying handsomely for it.

In typical Google style, they only provided two options for the many users out there, who used the service for free. Option 1 was to pay for it, with 5 accounts across a family, this would go from being free to being $15 per month. Option 2 was to quite the service, but how you do that without losing purchases is very unclear.

Google have finally clarified and provided options that ib my opinion should have existed from the beginning. Full details are available in the Google Support article. For personal users, like myself, it is now possible to opt out of the move to Google Workspace and retain the current services with no additional changes needed.

Keep GSuite Legacy

For personal users, follow the instructions in the Google Support article.

For business users, Google are expecting you to migrate to Workspace and pay.

What if I have already migrated to Workspace?

Google are advising customers who have migrated to Google Workspace, but would have qualified for the personal option, to contact support. Full details in the Google Support article.

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