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My Blind Tech Setup 2023

After publishing my blind tech setup last year and receiving great feedback, I thought I would update. it for 2023. So, I am sharing what I use in my Blind Tech Setup this year, I hope you find it useful.

Phone and Watch

No change here, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Apple Watch Ultra are my tools of choice. The increased screen size on the Watch Ultra has helped me with seeing the time. However, I started to use VoiceOver on the watch, especially for telling the time in the middle of the night. The longer battery life of the Ultra means I don’t need to worry about the any additional power consumed by VoiceOver.

Apple Watch Ultra with Orange Alpine Band​ on a wrist
Apple Watch Ultra with Orange Alpine Band on a wrist

The iPhone 14 Pro Max gives me all the power, large screen and advanced accessibility features I need along with my Top 5 iPhone Apps for Users with Sight Loss.


Being blind, headphones are necessary. I use a range of devices depending on the circumstances. I still love my Anker Soundcore Frames, but they have stpped being manufactured. However, I have found I am using my Oho Sunshine bluetooth sunglasses more, the longer battery life, standard USB C charging point and lower price point make them ideal for most of what I need them for. I wouldn’t use them to listen to music though.

Image of Oho Sunshine Sunglasses. Classic black framge and dark lense style sunglasses with speajers in the arms.
Oho Sunshine Sunglasses

Next are my Sony Linkbuds, they are a unique donut design that sits in your ear but allows you full transparency and decent sound quality. They can be found on Amazon: Sony Link Buds on Amazon

A Sony Link bud just above the small charging case. The buds are in black and look like a berry attached to a small donut. The donut sits over your ear canal when wearing.
Sony Link Buds

Finally, are my Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset which provide noise cancellation for both audio playback and for the microphone. The most expensive headset I have purchased at nearly £300, but as I wear them for over 8 hours a day, they are worth it. The ability to lift your mic boom and have a call mute is the killer feature. The eighteen hours talk time and comfort make these my favourite. Find them on Amazon: Poly – Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-C Headset with Stand

Poly Votager Focus 2 headset with adjustable boom Mike.
Poly Voyager Focus 2 headset

Braille Display

The Mantis Q40 by APH and Humanware is my main braille display. The combination of a qwerty keyboard and forty cell braille display make the perfect combination. I am still early in my braille journey, so having the QWERTY keyboard allows me to operate at full typing speed while getting the benefit of having braille at my fingertips. See my blog post on my Braille Journey to read about how I got started with Braille.

A photo of a Mantis Q40 braille display. The device is the size of a laptop keyboard with 40 routing keys below the keyboard and above 40 cells of 8 dot Braille.
Mantis Q40 Braille Display

During 2023 I used the Mantis to take notes in meeting and reading back in Braille, a game changer for being able to listen and take notes the same time.

Screen Reader and Magnification

I currently use Fusion 2024 from Freedom Scientific. Fusion is made up of JAWS and Zoomtext. The combination allows me to zoom and invert colours as needed while having all the power of JAWS to read the screen and navigate.

However, in December I started using a Macbook Pro with VoiceOver for personal use, and I must say that I like the simplicity of the Mac and doubt I will be changing back.

Other Software in My Blind Tech Setup

There are many other software products I use as part of my daily life, but the ones I must mention are Todoist, Lastpass and browser extension Nighteye

Todoist is a fantastic to-do list application available across platforms with Alexa integration. I use it to implement Getting Things Done by David Allen. GTD is a methodology to help you stay on top of what’s important.

I changed over from LastPass to 1Password in 2023 and only wish I had done it sooner. It is very accessible and has features like autopopulating your multi factor codes, which is a game changer for a low vision or blind user. 1Password is available on all platforms and I have had fantastic support from the team when I have had the odd need to contact them.

Dark Mode on Github website
Comparison of a website with and without Nighteye Dark mode.

Nighteye is an extension for most browsers and turns any website into dark mode. This plugin saves my photophobic eyes multiple times per day. Check out my articles: How to turn any website to Dark Mode and How to get Dark Mode websites on iPhone and iPad

What should I include in my Blind Tech Setup?

I am always looking to improve my setup, what would you recommend? What works well for you? Let me know in the comments.

By Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon has worked in IT for over 20 years, specifically within the Testing Inspection and Certification industry. Tim has Cone Dystrophy, a progressive sight loss condition that impacts his central vision, colour perception and makes him sensitive to light. He likes to share his experience of life and how he navigates the abyss of uncertainty.

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Bose Frames Tempo sunglasses are still the best, bar none. Still $250 on Amazon, but only $129 at refurbished, but packaged like new with same 90 days 2 return, and 2 years warranty as new. After 3 years it’s the only product I own that I can’t say enough about. Great sound, durability, battery life, touch screen for volume and Siri, only function missing is mute.

Check out for an incredible array of ways to mark an organize information about items in your home in office. WayAround is also coming to public spaces for information about buildings, training centers, etc. Using your existing assistive technology, you can have access to information at your fingertips with Braille or in your ear with voiceover or on your screen with enlargement.

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