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Lego Braille Bricks Review

The Lego Group started shipping their Lego Braille Bricks (40656) to consumers on the 1st of September 2023 amidst widespread excitement. My set has arrived, and I wanted to provide a short Lego Braille Bricks review. The Box The box is embossed with braille to detail the set title ‘Lego Braille Bricks’ and to advise…Continue readingLego Braille Bricks Review

Living with Sight Loss

How to Find Accessible Lego Instructions for the Blind

Yesterday, I was trying to build a Lego set with my son. He isn’t old enough to read the instructions himself. I was frustrated with the paper instructions, so I tried the Instructions app, this helped a little as I could zoom, but I was still struggling. I knew Lego have sets for learning Braille,…Continue readingHow to Find Accessible Lego Instructions for the Blind